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Moira's Icons

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moira_fae11's Icon Journal
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:an expression of personality in a visual medium:

Basic Info
This is moira_fae11's Graphics Journal. I'm posting any and all the icons and other graphics I make here, and topics range far and wide, so hopefully there's something you'll like! Share and enjoy.


1. If you take icons or graphics, please make sure to comment to let me know you've taken, and keyword credit when you use the icon, either to moira_icons or moira_fae11. Keyword credit is required, unless otherwise noted in the post. If you need help with this, please ask. And please, no hotlinking! Please Don't Steal My Icons!

2. Even if you don't take, I love comments!! Ok, this is not so much a rule as begging. Please, please comment? They are like blue candy angel unicorn kisses! I LOVE COMMENTS!! CAPSLOCKY!

3. Please don't alter the icons unless it's specifically listed as a base. Blank icons do not count as bases unless specified.

4. I am very happy to do requests! Just let me know what you are thinking of and I will try to fulfill it. If you have a specific image, either link to it or post it in the request, and give me as specific a description as you can.

5. Link me if you like! Share the joy. I like having friends!

6. Please keep it civil and friendly and don't steal! My icon journal is open for now, and I really don't want to make it Friends Only ... And yes, reposting my icons without credit in other journals is stealing, not 'sharing'.

7. If you plan on using these anywhere other than LJ, let me know. I don't really mind it, but just knowing they're out there somewhere is nice. ^_^

Awards and Achievments

Please click here to see all the icon awards I've won at my Awards page!


To experience the awesomeness of my resources, please visit my Resource Credit page!

For more links to actual tutorials I enjoy or have used, please visit my tutorial list page. Many of the tutorials I use come from elite_tutorial and icon_extras.

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thefulcrum made the layout code, minty_peach coded the profile layout. I made the layout & profile headers, profile footer, and the icon - Sir & The Tea Boy. (Thanks to awmp for the header background texture!)